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Patient Testimonials

The following testimonials are from real patients and were submitted un-biased via review sites on the web. We encourage all our patients to review us online. Please do so on Google and RealSelf!

MG, Cypress, TX

"I just wanted to let you know and Dr. Feldman that I am super happy about my surgery. I’ve never felt so happy since then. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the care and help y’all have given me. And that I am still amazed by the amazing work y’all did for me. I’m very blessed that y’all were the ones who helped me with my breast implants. Thank you so much!"

ST, Houston, TX

"Just reaching out to say.... I am officially 8 weeks post op today! I am so glad to have met you (Jeannette and Dr. Feldman) and the rest of the BF family. I am thankful you all are as awesome as y’all are, took such great care of me and I am thankful for my new girls! Life is so much better with boobs!"

SF, Houston, TX

"I had been interested in breast augmentation for many years but had never found the courage to even go to a consultation. I researched and read reviews for months on local doctors before I finally decided I was ready to move forward. However, after a consultation with another popular plastic surgeon in the area, I felt no more at ease about the process. I wasn't sure I would ever feel comfortable enough to go through with it.


Then, I was recommend by a friend to BancroftFeldman. I'm so thankful to have met Dr. Feldman and his staff. Dr. Feldman took the time to explain everything about the options and the process. He patiently answered my list of questions, and I never felt rushed or that I wasn't a priority. He also made sure I was clear about the expectations which was very important to me. He is so personable and down to earth that I always felt completely comfortable. His "right hand man" Jeannette is just as amazing. She is so friendly and knowledgeable. She really helped me figure out exactly the look I wanted to achieve not just the size. She also always made herself available for any questions or concerns which was very comforting to me.


Everyone really made the experience as comfortable and stress free as possible. I honestly don't have a single complaint. I couldn't be more pleased with the care I received or happier with the results. I'm so grateful to the entire staff. My only regret is that I should have done it years ago!"

JM, Katy, TX

"It has been 6 months since my BA and I could not be more pleased with my results. Dr. Feldman has truly done an amazing job and I owe you guys everything! I feel so much more confident in my appearance and I just wanted to thank you all there for helping me through my Journey :) I will definitely be back for my tummy tuck consultation (with Dr. Bancroft) as soon as I have the opportunity. Thank you so much again!"

TM, Houston, TX

"I loved how much confidence I had after my surgery. Everyone kept telling me how natural they look. I love them! Thanks for everything from Dr. Feldman, you and all of the nurses!"

VL, Victoria, TX

"Jeannette, I just wanted to thank you for everything and I'm glad you we're there for me literally 24/7 if I ever needed
something or had a question. Your the best!!"

JS, Houston, TX

"I just wanted to tell you how incredibly happy I am with my decision to put myself in the best hands for breast augmentation! I feel I finally look the way I always have in my head! I'm secure with myself finally and happy with what I see every day in the mirror, either wearing clothes or not. I have followed all of Dr Feldman's directions and feel my results are amazing and still getting better after 6 months. Thank you for being part of an amazing decision that has made me incredible happy!!!"

MH, Wharton, TX

"I just wanted to tell all of you thank you again.  And by the way I have the best looking boobs ever.  Beyond thrilled!"

KH, Houston, TX

"I just wanted to check in with yall hope everything's great & wanted to thank Dr. Feldman again, my boobs are awesome. I wore a swim suit for the first time this weekend and I've had 6 girls asking who did them because they turned out so fantastic!!"

CL, Pasadena, TX

"I cannot believe that one year ago today Dr. Feldman changed my life!  I am so thankful that I found him to fix my breast issues that I didnt realize I had even though I knew something was wrong. If it wasn't for him and the results that he has given I never would be as confident as I am today.  This was the best decision I ever made. Thank you, thank you, thank you and a million times more! Can't be happier than I am today because of his work!"

DM, Lake Charles, LA

"OMG..... I'm looking at these pics like I had no idea the change I've gone through.  I could never find the words that would be sufficient to express how thankful I am for a doctor like you Dr Bancroft.  Your hands are gifted and I would be honored to convey my appreciation to the world.  You are awesome and everyone should know that. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!"

JW, Houston, TX

"I just wanted to let you know that I had a lymphatic massage yesterday by Mrs R.  She works up here in the north end of town but has been working with patients from multiple different plastic surgeons all over Houston.  Anyway, she said that your results are the BEST she has ever seen!! Thanks again for everything.  I am so thrilled with my results!!!!!!"

ESJ, Houston, TX

"I really am unbelievably pleased with my breast augmentation results. They look and FEEL so real already and its only been a month! Compared to others experiences with different doctors I don't think anyone comes close to how amazing this experience has been for me."

SM, Baytown, TX

"I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the whole augmentation process.  I really thought I would feel awkward, but at no time during my experience did I.  Everybody at the office is awesome. I'm actually sad that's it's over. I guess what I really want to say is Thank everybody, especially Dr. Feldman and Jeannette, for giving me a new sense of confidence.  I cannot believe the difference in how I feel about myself.  They look amazing!!"

SP, Carthage, TX

"I can't beileve it's been a a year (since my liposuction). I still wonder at how fast time has passed. I'm feeling great and looking even better. Family and friends are amazed at my results. Thank you so much!"

NE, Rosharon, TX

 "Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience, Dr. Feldman! I am more than 100% satisfied! The fiancé and I went out for a birthday dinner and I've received so many compliments from my friends. I have no regrets whatsoever! I am referring all of my ladies to you!!!! I've never felt so confident with my own body until now!"

SM, New York, NY

"Dr. Bancroft and his staff are very knowledgeable, courteous and kind. I could not have asked for a better team. I highly recommend him and his team to anyone. I especially appreciate his honesty in what type of result I could expect. He helped me when no other doctor could. I am so happy with my excellent tummy tuck results!"

MB, Sugar Land, TX

Dr. Bancroft thank you so much for the pictures.  When I look at them it is remarkable how different I look – and my results keep getting even better with time!  I received outstanding care from you and your staff and  have recommended you to friends.”

DO, Missouri City, TX

"I so enjoyed meeting Holly and am very happy that she is now doing Botox for your practice. She is a real joy to talk to and she is confident in what she is doing."

JJ, Missouri City, TX

"It’s been three months since my surgery and I am very satisfied with the results. My entire experience with Dr. Bancroft and his staff has been GREAT.  After my consult with Dr. Bancroft, I was pretty well convinced he would be doing the surgery because he was the ONE doc that I left the consultation feeling comfortable that I would get the results I wanted. He got a great recommendation that also helped to put me at ease with the choice. Lastly, the cost was the most affordable for me. Everyone on staff were friendly and caring. Dr. Bancroft has an excellent bed side manner and is very knowledgable. He takes pride in his work and really helped me to get the best results. I am so excited about the results I got and a was pleasantly surprised we surpassed what I expected."

MB, Houston, TX

“I can't thank you all enough for the awesome job you all have done. Please tell Dr. Bancroft how much love I have for him for restoring me physically and emotionally. This has been a 22 year affliction! I know no other doctor would have done this great. Bye and much thanks!”

NT, Missouri City, TX

"I like how informative and friendly everyone was. I also appreciated how skilled and knowledgeable Dr. Feldman was in performing the surgery. I had no post-surgery difficulties and any questions I had Jeannette responded in a timely manner. I feel the whole process/experience went better than I had even imagined. It was easier than expected. I selected this office due to the professionalism and the way Dr. Feldman paid attention to detail which included making sure that my procedure was geometrically proportional to my body."


DR, Gainesville, TX

" Dr. Feldman and his staff are so awesome, my experience is one that I will share with friends. I have wanted this procedure for many many years and now I am so satisfied with the way my clothes fit and the overall appearance of my breasts. I like the fact that Dr. Feldman was very knowledgeable about the procedure. He was familiar with surgery on African American women. He was honest in what would be the most desirable look. He was very professional and was not focused on money, but on giving me the best results. His staff was very helpful and knowledgable especially Jeannette. Lastly, the before and after photos that Dr. Feldman has posted were far better than some I had seen in the DFW area. So I chose to drive 5 ½ hours to see the best."



GC, Houston, TX

"I loved the staff at Bancroft Feldman. You guys made me feel welcomed and Jeannette was the best. Always friendly and wanting to help as much as she could. Dr. Feldman was respectful and very professional at his work. I ultimately selected you to do my Breast Augmentation because of the special you guys had for the summer and not needing to go to the hospital for surgery."


LG, Houston, TX

"I'm unable to think of a better word to describe the result of my breast augmentation result than "perfect". I'm literally IN LOVE with the outcome. I have named my left breast Sonya and my right breast Sally because, now, they actually look like beautiful sisters instead of EXTREMELY distant cousins...

The entire staff was incredibly amazing, knowledgeable, patient, and polite. Each staff member took EXTRA care to make sure I was comfortable and well taken care of. Everyone went ABOVE and BEYOND by always politely greeting me upon my entrance into the waiting area and the patient room, providing adequate amount of pain medicine - specifically the generic brand to cut cost, slightly numbing my hand with topical wipe to prevent sharp pain upon I V placement, answering any and all questions, and making specially arrangements to accommodate schedule changes.  

Upon entry to the surgical room, the nurses and the anesthesiologist provided EXCELLENT bedside manner with added humor, comfort, and positive personalities. The anesthesiologist even added medicine to my I V to help with my skin condition. ALSO, someone even made sure the pillow my feet were placed on was warm. OMG! AHHHHHHH-MAZING! 

Moreover, my breast are healing wonderfully. The office reverberates a youthful and inviting vibe and the staff seems like a tight-knit family that works well together. I returned Dr. Feldman's missed call last week just to say thank you; to him and all of his perfectly picked staff. Due to being the TOP breast surgeon in Houston, I understand he is busy so I figured I'd shoot a quick e-mail. 

Thank you EVERYONE for making my breast augmentation TOTALLY AWESOME in all aspects."


AD, Nacogdoches, TX

"Hey Jeannette :) I just wanted to let you, Dr. Feldman, and everyone else know how happy I am with the results! I have "dropped and fluffed" wonderfully and I could not have asked for better and more natural looking results! I could not be more satisfied :) Thank you for answering all the questions I had along the way! The nurses and staff and ladies at the front desk were all super nice and helpful as well. Please let Dr. Feldman know how happy I am!"

CB, Sugar Land, TX

"The most awesome thing I’ve done today is order myself a 2-piece bathing suit for the cruise. Oooohhhh yeahhhh! I haven’t worn a 2-piece in over 20 years so this is really exciting for me! I’m so glad I finally did this surgery (tummy tuck) after all these years. And I can’t say enough about how much I truly like and enjoy Dr. Bancroft and your entire staff. Very wise decision all around."

BC, Houston, TX

"I liked how comfortable everyone made me feel. Dr. Feldman reassured us and was very honest with everything he told us, also the staff was very friendly and professional. Dr. Feldman was very knowledgeable and understanding, and Jeanette was wonderful. I am so glad I got my surgery done here, I wouldn’t change a thing."

RB, Sugar Land, TX

"I am very happy with my procedure. I love the staff and Dr. Feldman. I feel I was very well taken care of. I’ve heard nightmares from other centers so I’m very satisfied with this center. I especially liked the staff and Dr. Feldman’s caring attitudes. I am so happy to have been taken care of by them."

LW, Sugar Land, TX

“Dr. Bancroft, words cannot express how grateful I am for you giving me a jumpstart on a new me.  Seeing the before and after pics, plus the feeling I have from physically being able to do things I could not before, has pumped a lot more motivation in my veins.  Thank you again for your professional, personable, and genuine services.  I truly feel your passion for what you do, and want to say thank you 1000 more times!   Godspeed to you and all of your work.”


CN, Evadale, TX

"I just wanted to thank you and all of the staff there for how extremely amazing you guys truly were to me. I have recommended you guys to so many people!"

CA, Sugar Land, TX

"Dr. Bancroft is wonderful, the staff is really sweet and the quality of service is a 10!  This was a very memorable experience for me and my family. Thanks so much for taking pride in what you’ve been called to do.  Dr. Bancroft treats his work like a passion and that is hard to find these days."

KP, Houston, TX

"You guys made everything feel so relaxed and comfortable as if I had known you forever, I loved the experience from beginning to end. I chose Dr. Feldman (for my breast augmentation) because after my consultation I knew he was the one, he was very honest with what he liked and disliked and I could tell he truly cared about my results, he was very informative and very professional, I am so happy with my decision!"

CB, Spring, TX

"If you want the best customer service, and the best work done you need to come here!! Every time I had a question, Jeannette would answer me back immediately! Dr. Feldman was amazing, he sat down with me one on one for over an hour and went over every option, and what would be best for me. I had my consultation on a Monday, and my surgery was done that Thursday!! I was back at work the next Monday. I will recommend everyone I know to come here! I love Dr. Feldman, did fantastic work and is real open, honest, and to the point, and told me what would be best for my frame."

BE, Needville, TX

"I marvel at my flat tummy every time I shower or put on clothes. Never thought I would see a flat tummy again after two myomectomies, a full term pregnancy with twins, and a c-section. Conversations with Dr. Bancroft and his staff were never rushed and always resulted in a complete answer. Before consulting with Dr. Bancroft, I met with another plastic surgeon who told me that I was not a good candidate for a tummy tuck and I should lose weight and then return to his office. What a callous remark! I told him that if diet and exercise alone worked, I would not need his services. I was impressed and thankful that Dr. Bancroft made a house call following the surgery."

CH, Sugar Land, TX

"The entire office was friendly, helpful and always available to answer questions. Dr. Bancroft made me comfortable from the start. He addressed all my questions and concerns. I never felt like he was in a hurry when he was talking with me. I was a little nervous when I went it but left completely comfortable with the producure.   He seemed genuinely excited to help me achieve my goals. The entire office made me feel like I was a very important client. I have already recommended Dr. Bancroft and the office to friends. It’s the only office I will use for any additional procedure I might have."

RM, Houston, TX

"Dr. Feldman did an amazing job. I have been referring him to all of my girlfriends, and everyone is really impressed with how great of a job he did. I have many girlfriends who have had their breasts enhanced and they all say that he did a far better job than their doctor and are envious. I couldn't be happier."

KL, Sugar Land, TX

"I want to express my gratitude for the amazing work you did and how great you and your staff were. I feel so comfortable in a swimsuit now and ALWAYS get compliments! I refer anyone who asks straight to you, I’m PROUD to call Dr. Feldman my surgeon. You have a wonderful staff, they always made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I’m really happy with the outcome and my scars are healing so nicely. You’re great at what you do!! Have a blessed day and many more to come!"

KL, Humble, TX

"Everyone was so welcoming and confidient in Dr. Feldman’s work. The staff was also very helpful and prompt with any questions I had. The office and OR looked very professional and classy, very modern. The price was great but Dr Feldman and his staff sealed the deal. This was my first and last breast augmentation consultation."

SZ, Richmond, TX

"I first of all want to start out by saying thank ya'll so much for the wonderful experience I've had with you guys from start to finish. This was a huge decision I have been battling with for a few years now and I am extremely happy that I've done it. Jeannette, Dr. Feldman and and the staff are incredible and I'm excited for the final result."

SC, Corpus Christi, TX

"I wanted to thank you (Jeannette) and everyone at the office for your hospitality and for taking time to answer any questions I have had. I am very happy with going with Dr Feldman and very happy with the results. Thank you again."

VY, Stafford, TX

"Thank you so much. Everything went excellent. I didn't even feel sore or pain after surgery (breast augmentation). Thanks to you all, very good staff and doctors. It was my very first surgery I've ever had in my life, but you guys make me feel just like home, really caring, professional."

CK, Richmond, TX

"I think Dr. Bancroft, and all of the staff at Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery are amazing and super fun... Thank you to everyone there for being so accommodating and making me feel right at home! If I could afford Botox every week just to hang out with you guys I would!!  ;)"

DP, Sugar Land, TX

"I selected Bancrft Feldman Plastic Surgery because of their Location and because the Dr’s and staff are great! Everything went very smoothly. Everyone made me feel valued as a patient. Dr. Bancroft goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to patient care and follow ups. Dr. Bancroft explained everything and addressed all my concerns.He gives you honest opinions and tells you what to expect for results. He truly cares for his patients."

CL, Sugar Land, TX

"I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the office for taking such great care of me. I was so nervous and afraid of surgery but you guys were awesome! Dr. Bancroft did a great job and I am very pleased with the results. I have been so pleased with the level of care Dr. Bancroft and your staff have provided I will gladly recommend him to anyone I know."

SB, Fresno, TX

"Dr. Feldman is great at what he does! The office is so consistant; Nothing has changed from the first time I walked into the office. They are always professional, welcoming, energetic and timely. All their staff are always professional, pleasant, helpful and just a pleasure to deal with. Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery made what wasn't a pleasant diagnosis (breast cancer) into a laughter filled journey and for that, I will forever be greatful!"

MS, Dallas, TX

"I had a tummy tuck and hernia repair. Dr. Bancroft and all the staff were very positive and supportive. I would recommend the practice to my friends and will return to Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery if I need additional surgery."

CS, Sugar Land, TX

" I especially liked the amount of attention and kindness by Dr. Bancroft and the staff!"

VB, Richmond, TX

"I selected Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery for my breast augmentation based on these patient testimonials, and other reviews on the internet. The staff and Dr. Feldman are very friendly, listened to my concerns before surgery, explained how the procedure would be handled, and ultimately delivered a "10" result! I now reccomend them to all of my friends, and would not hesitate to return to their office if I decided to have additional surgery."

JP, Pasadena, TX

"Dr. Feldman took the time to explain everything to me in detail and to make sure that we chose the best choice of breast implant for me. His bedside mannor is excellent….made me feel very comfortable during surgery and at every appointment. The staff at Bancroft/Feldman is very friendly and helpful…always welcoming questions/concern at any time. I am very satisfied with the service I received at Bancroft/Feldman and with the results of my surgery!"


GW, Sugar Land, TX

"The staff is way beyond awesome, comforting, friendly and professional. The doctors talk to you like a person and take time with you. Dr. Feldman was very professional, honest, and excited for me and my results. I could not be happier with my results and have already recommended Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery to my friends."

AR, Katy, TX

"Dr. Feldman is a great surgeon and makes you feel very comfortable. I looked online for several surgeons and after visiting for my first consultation, Dr. Feldman and all the staff made me feel very comfortable, so I chose to have my Breast Augmentation at Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery. Overall, I would rate my final result as a 10, would recommend them to my friends, and will return to Dr. Feldman if I decide to have additional surgery.

I would like to thank all the staff for their great service! All the staff is awesome, super informative, and helpful!"

BV, Houston TX

“I absolutely love Bancroft Feldman surgery. I have received so many compliments from people, and they are always amazed at Dr. Feldman’s work. I’ve had several people ask me for his contact information so that they can schedule a consultation. Dr. Feldman asked me what my goals were and reassured me that he would do everything possible to meet my goals. Courtney and Jeannette were also very helpful throughout the process. They provided great support, were always smiling and friendly, and responded to emails in a very timely manner. Throughout my surgery, I felt like everyone involved truly cared about me.

The price for breast augmentation was very reasonable, and I had read good reviews online. Furthermore, Dr. Feldman’s background provided me with confidence that he knew what he was doing, and the atmosphere of the office during my consultation was very warm and friendly. The staff is absolutely amazing . I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Feldman and the staff at Bancroft Feldman Surgery!”

BC, Sugar Land, TX

“Dr. Bancroft made me feel so comfortable.  He and Jeanette took such good care of me!  Everyone was always so nice and helpful.  I felt like a part of their family!  Courtney is wonderful and always so helpful!! I was nervous during my consultation, but Dr. Bancroft made me feel so comfortable.  Dr. Bancroft takes pride in what he does and really cares about you and your results.  He is amazing!!  I am so happy with my results!  I WILL  return to Dr. Bancroft in the future if I have any other procedures done.  I couldn’t imagine going any where else. Love ya’ll! Thank you so much!!”

AS, Sweeny, TX

“Y’all are doing a great job and I appreciate the wonderful treatment and the amazing results that were provided!
I was originally going to use another plastic surgeon and when I went to schedule my appointment they did not have my date available; because of that I did another search for plastic surgeons around my area and I found y’alls website. I checked out the website, called the office and scheduled a consultation. I am glad I did.
The whole entire staff is so friendly and treat you as if you are family. I always felt 100% comfortable and never felt any reason to be nervous. I trusted Dr. Feldman 100% because I knew that he was going to take good care of me. He assured me from the very beginning that he was going to take care of me and give me the results I wanted, and I never once doubted him for a second. He definitely delivered what he promised! He was very thorough and informative about everything and answered any questions I had if he didn’t answer them before I asked them in his thorough consultation. I am very satisfied and will go to his office, and his office only, if I ever need anything else done.”

JL, Sugar Land, TX

"I went to get bikini wax yesterday and the lady that was doing it told me that I had the best tummy tuck she has ever seen. She said she had seen some really botched up jobs lately and that mine was sooooo good...... Then today I went to get my physical and she said the same thing. She was amazed at how good I looked and wanted to know who I saw because she said sometimes women come in wanting to have tummy tucks and she said she has seen some pretty awful ones and mine was so good that she would recommend. Anyway, I just thought it was sooo cool that I got the best plastic surgeon in town to do mine!!!!!! Dr. Bancroft is the best! And I also told them the staff were amazing as well!"

BS, Sugar Land, TX

“I am very picky when it comes to my body. I would not have any plastic surgery procedures (even Botox) performed by anyone other than Dr. Bancroft or Dr. Feldman. I have had work done by both doctors, and they are outstanding surgeons and physicians."

BW, Sugar Land, TX

“Everyone was so nice and helpful throughout the whole process”.  Would you return to this office if you decide to have additional surgery? YES"

RB, Sugar Land, TX

“Dr. Feldman and the staff were knowledgeable and professional. I was treated kindly and with respect. But most important I felt like I was among friends who would take care of me!”

CT, Pearland, TX

"I want to thank Dr. Feldman and the rest of the staff for the excellent care you gave my wife before, during and after her breast augmentation surgery. I am a healthcare provider and the professionalism and excellence your staff displayed is among the highest I have seen.

When my wife told me she wanted to undergo breast augmentation surgery a year ago, I was a little hesitant because of some of the horror stories you see on tv and having friends whose wives were unhappy with their breast enhancements.  After speaking with Dr. Feldman during my wife's initial consultation, I felt completely at ease. Dr. Feldman took the time to explain the procedure in detail and I was extremely confident he would do a superior job...and he did. Dr. Feldman was very thorough in his post-surgical instructions to assure the best possible results. I was also impressed with the ease of making appointments and the convenience of having the procedure done in the same office instead of some distant surgical site. The surgery was relatively short and my wife's recovery was much easier than we had anticipated.

This was an incredibly positive experience for both of us.  My wife's breasts look perfect in every way, her confidence is sky high and we are both very pleased. I have already referred a couple of friends and would highly recommend Dr. Feldman as a plastic surgeon for anyone."

EV, Sugar Land, TX

"You guys were wonderful and really helpful! I was a ball of nerves about the whole thing but y'all were awesome. Almost 4 months out and I'd  do it all over in a heartbeat!!! Thanks again!"

CT, Sugar Land, TX

"Dr. Feldman and his staff are truly incredible! Dr. Feldman is extremely gifted in his work and I owe my quick recovery and amazing results to this. Every member of the staff was very helpful and took such a personal interest in my care that I felt at such ease. I also appreciated the convenience and security of being able to have my surgery in the same office where I had my consultations. I highly recommend Dr. Feldman to anyone even considering plastic surgery.

I can’t thank you enough!"

JP, Houston, TX

"I absolutely love Dr. Feldman! He is one of the most knowledgeable, caring surgeons I have ever met! He was able to give me a more youthful refined look without making me feel or look over done. I appreciate his compassion to meet my needs as his patient, & willingness to continue to follow up with me weeks after my procedures were complete! I would recommend him to anyone looking for that special, caring doctor."

KG, Missouri City, TX

"If you are looking for a compassionate, highly skilled doctor then look no further than Dr. Gregory Bancroft. I came to his office in April 2011 as a referral from my dermatologist. During the months that have followed he has shown true empathy for my personal situation. Dr. Bancroft has brought not only his skills as a doctor/surgeon to the table but also the most comforting "bedside manner" I have ever experienced. He and his staff will treat you with the best care and compassion and you will feel as though you are their most important patient! His Patient Coordinator, Jeannette Piette, is cheerful, encouraging and has always treated me with respect and kindness. I am thrilled with my results and happily refer my friends to him!"

AM, Houston, TX

"I was extremely impressed the minute I walked through the door at Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery. The office is gorgeous, the staff is AMAZING, and Dr. Bancroft was one of the kindest doctors I have ever met. He listened to what I wanted and then made his recommendations. He is truly a talented surgeon; I'm very happy with my results and I have recommended him to all of my friends and family."

CE, Sugar Land, TX

"If you want the kind of doctor that listens to you and takes his time making sure your questions are answered, then Dr. Bancroft is the one to choose. When I was looking for a plastic surgeon to meet my needs, I wanted one that reminded me of my father who was a doctor also. The thing that stood out to me was his impeccable "bed side manner" that just does not exist in this day and age anymore. Thank you Dr. Bancroft for everything that you have done for me. The staff is also a huge asset to his facility."

AG, Grapevine, TX

"I have been seeing Dr. Bancroft for several years and recently had an appointment with Dr. Feldman for the first time. Both doctors are professional, knowledgeable, and honestly listen to what you want to ensure the best results. The new office is absolutely stunning! If you do not know exactly what capabilities these doctors have to offer, ask for Jeanette! She is a breath of fresh air in the sometimes overwhelming array of choices you are faced with on your first visit to a plastic surgeon. I highly recommend this office as your one stop shop for all of your beauty needs! They can do it all and you will love your new look. I have been very pleased with my Botox results after my appointments with Dr. Bancroft and Dr. Feldman. These doctors take the time to talk to me about what results I want to see at each session. The office is very nice and has so many capabilities, it's one stop shopping! The office manager, Jeanette, is very knowledgeable on all of the latest products and services offered. It's a real treat."

DT, Houston, TX

"Excellence is the best word I can use to describe this company. I have personally been a patient and have referred others because of the excellent care that I have received. The care and pride in the way they handle their patients is above any I have seen. If you are looking for physicians that look at you as a whole, considering both your mind and body then you must see Drs. Bancroft and Feldman. I like that they are young and excited about what they do and take pride in the outcome of your procedures. Jeannette is their right hand lady making sure that all your needs are met, she goes the extra mile to make you feel you are special as does the doctors. This is a fine company and I know that they are going to go far. GO SEE THESE PEOPLE, they are EXCELLENT!"

BS, Houston, TX

"I definitely recommend Dr.s Bancroft and Feldman. I have had work done by both of them. Dr. Feldman fine-tuned a tummy tuck I had done by a different doctor, and he did an awesome job. Dr. Bancroft has done liposuction on my tummy and back, and he did a great job as well. I have had Botox injections from both doctors, and I'm always happy with that too. I find Dr.s Bancroft and Feldman to be highly-skilled and detail-oriented. They really listen to their patients, and they truly care about getting the best results for each individual patient. They are both easy to talk to, and make me feel at ease. And the office staff is great! They are efficient and professional, and the office atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable. Although I live near downtown Houston, I happily travel to Sugar Land to see Dr.s Bancroft and Feldman!"

DH, Katy, TX

"I am so pleased with the exceptional bedside manner of Dr. Feldman. I initially went to him for Botox and recently decided on getting a breast augmentation. I am so pleased with the work and skills that Dr. Feldman has offered me. I have already recommended most of my friends and family. The office is in a great location and the staff is incredible. If you are interested in the best breast out there, Dr. Feldman is the right choice."